Learn how Talent Intelligence is transforming recruiting

Enable targeted sourcing, improve candidate experience, enhance your employer brand, and unlock better data-driven hiring outcomes.
Woman running up the four steps to Talent Intelligence: Information, analytics, enablement, and intelligence

Talent Intelligence orchestrates smarter decisions on how, who, and when to hire - before a requisition is opened

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Timeline showing the four stages of digital innovation over the last 20 years.

Why Talent Intelligence is critical now

Focused investment in artificial intelligence, Web3, and the Metaverse means companies that fail to adapt to the latest organizational structures and emerging technologies risk losing the war for talent.

A worker frustrated by the chaos of the recruiting process.

When was the last time you hit your hiring goals?

The reality is that a sophisticated data-driven hiring process can take months to implement and requires investment in tools, training, and change management.

Unfortunately, smaller companies cannot access large recruiting operations and analytics teams. They have to struggle with unstructured hiring that can result in colossal talent problems.

Your World with Talent Intelligence

Targeted recruiting with talent insights

Improved candidate experience

Data-driven hiring decisions

Stronger employer brand

Faster and better quality hires

Lower recruiting cost

Image of the recruiting funnel, highlighting the need to create an Ideal Candidate Profile before starting.

Optimize hiring before you start sourcing

Minimize wasted time and improve pass-through rates by identifying what skills, knowledge, and experience is correlated to success in your role. Talent Intelligence gives you access to a wealth of internal and external data to create actionable, data-driven candidate searches. No more guessing.

Image showing the repeatable recruiting analytics cycle that leads to stronger recruiting performance.

Build a repeatable process based on evidence

Transform recruiting performance by using Talent Intelligence to identify your most effective recruitment channels, monitor diversity and inclusion, decrease time-to-hire, predict successful candidates in-process, and improve overall candidate experience.

Image of a cog being completed to represent the integration of HR and Recruiting systems.

Integrate with HRIS and ATS workflows

Integrating Talent Intelligence with your existing HR tech stack improves visibility into the recruitment process and provides access to real-time data, allowing you to make more informed decisions and align your recruitment process to broader business goals.

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