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Introducing Recruit Copilot: Your Ultimate Hiring Solution

Leverage our advanced features to streamline your hiring process and secure the best talent

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Stop guessing and hire the right person the first time to reduce painful performance issues.

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No more waiting around for others as you run your own recruiting process using best-in-class solution.

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Spend less on your recruiting process so you can spend more on growing your business.

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How to Build Your Own Recruitment Process

If you're struggling to hire, you're not alone. Despite a fluctuating labor market, demand for critical workers has remained high, with 1.5–2 open roles per unemployed worker.

In our exclusive white paper, we show how you can build and run an the end-to-end recruiting process from the ground up, even if you've never recruited before.

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How it Works

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Talent Intelligence
built for operators

With less budget, time, and resources than before - you need to make every hire count.

Every week that a role remains open means lost revenue and lost productivity in the business. But you know that hiring the wrong person can cost 10x more. You need a way to improve hiring quality, accelerate hiring speed, and decrease recruiting cost. Our proprietary technology does the hard work so you can focus on your business, not on endless analysis and profile reviews.

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Accelerate hiring and build
a team of A players

Without historic hiring results, it can be hard to know what a good candidate looks like.

Modern executives are expected to use more data to drive hiring performance, but lack the time or recruiting experience to know what works. We've designed our platform as a self-service option from the ground-up to give you the information you need without endless configuration and setup.

Why Choose Us


  • Unsure what a good candidate looks like
  • Unstructured interviews without evidence
  • Strong competition for limited talent pool


  • Clear Ideal Candidate Profile with key traits
  • Data-driven structured interview process
  • Broader and more diverse candidate pipeline

Built on Proven Recruiting Analytics Principles

Recruit Copilot ties your talent strategy back to your business goals, leveraging data and proprietary algorithms for maximum results.

Data Availability

We identify internal and external sources to solve your biggest talent strategy problems.

Business Goals

Tie your talent strategy goals back to your vision and objectives to maximize hiring and retention

Modeling and Analysis

Our proprietary algorithms and analytics tools are based on F500 recruiting analytics techniques.

Testing and Launching

We constantly update our data sources and algorithms to maximize your results.

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With less budget, time, and resources than ever before - you need to make every hire count