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Sonar Talent Launches Recruiting Intelligence Platform To Help Startups To Accelerate Hiring

New tool allows recruiters to engage strong untapped talent by sourcing using traits rather than keyword searches

Sonar Talent helps companies accelerate hiring by using competitive market analytics to find and engage high quality untapped talent using data instead of job descriptions. We focus on optimizing candidate searches above the funnel to make every other step in the hiring process more successful.

Our recruiting intelligence platform starts by analyzing the strongest performers for a target role, industry, and stage of growth. We identify which traits are shared by these top performers to build an ideal candidate profile. Recruiters and hiring managers can tweak their ideal candidate profile to align on the role requirements in minutes using real data from thousands of actual hires rather than their own experience. 

The recruiter then generates a sourcing list of high quality untapped prospects based on their ideal candidate profile instead of relying on keyword searches. This leads to faster hiring cycles, improved candidate quality and diversity, and stronger funnel pass-through rates as recruiters are not spamming the same prospects as everyone else.

Our early customers have been high-growth technology companies that are scaling engineering and go-to-market teams. We’ve worked with COO’s and Heads of Talent at Series B-G companies to help meet hiring goals without aggressively scaling internal recruiting headcount or outsourcing roles to agencies. 

Sonar Talent is on a mission to reduce bias in the hiring process. We believe that hiring based on skills, knowledge, and competencies rather than schools, companies, or professional networks improves company performance and reduces economic inequality. Co-founder and CEO Chris Mannion saw these benefits first hand as a senior recruiting leader at Wayfair, where he built partnerships with multiple Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) focused organizations to unlock career pathways into high-income technology roles for hundreds of new hires.

Since we started testing our trait-based matching algorithm in October 2021, we’ve seen the number of recruiter profile screens per hire reduce from 1,000 to 150 on our platform. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that broader market recruiter profile screens per hire has increased from 1,000 to 2,000-3,000 due to increased competition for prospects matched using keyword searches. Contact us to learn more about our recruiting intelligence platform and book a demo.