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We generate top-tier hires ready for your startups growth.

No more frustrating interviews with unqualified candidates!


Who Are We?

Leveraging our expertise in global recruiting operations and analytics, we provide startups with robust co-pilot tools to enhance their hiring process. This efficient strategy significantly reduces the time spent on interviews with unsuitable candidates, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your business to new heights.

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Our Process

Embark on a transformative hiring journey with our proven three-step process, meticulously crafted to align with your startup’s vision, streamline candidate assessment, and ensure you connect with the A-Players your team needs to thrive.

Define your Vision for the Role

Start by comprehensively defining the role’s short and long-term goals, ensuring alignment with your startup’s objectives and future growth.

Design Scorecard and Interview Toolkit

Develop a detailed Scorecard to identify key candidate attributes, and tailor your interview process to effectively assess these qualities.

Hire top tier candidates faster than ever

Stop wasting time talking to unqualified candidates and let us manage your recruitment process so you can focus on running your business.

Pricing Options

Leverage our AI-driven TAaaS package for tech startups, blending strategic consultancy with recruitment efficiency.

  • AI-Powered Recruitment Suite: Instant access to self-service tools embedded in Slack.

  • Coordinated Monthly Deliverables: Set target deliverables each month to hit your goals.

  • Consultative Support: Benefit from a blend of human expertise and AI efficiency.

  • Performance Guarantee: If we don’t deliver 10 qualified recruiting screens within 30 days, you don't pay.

  • Efficient and Streamlined Hiring: Our model is significantly reduced hiring time and resources.

Talent Team Subscription

When you need experienced Talent advisors without the long-term commitment or full-time hours.

  • On-Demand Expertise: Access experienced Talent Advisors for strategic guidance whenever you need.

  • Flexible Engagement: Tailor the level of support to your current needs, scaling up or down.

  • Cost-Effective Strategy: Benefit from top-tier talent advisory services at a fraction of the cost.

  • Deep Industry Insights: Leverage advisors with extensive experience in tech startup ecosystems.

  • Custom Recruitment Solutions: Get personalized advice and solutions for your unique challenges.

Fractional Talent Advisory

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