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The Future of High-Quality Hiring is Here

🚀 Exclusive Early Access Beta Launching in October!

Stop leaving hiring to guesswork. With RecruitCopilot, you're always in the pilot seat, ensuring the perfect match every time.

Our first product lets you quickly align on the ideal candidate profile using competitive insights and predicted performance data to help you maintain a high bar every time.

Discover Precision Recruiting like Never Before

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⭐ Quality-First Approach

Drastically improve your hiring quality and outcomes. Say goodbye to the draining performance management sessions and onboard top talent who fit seamlessly into your vision.

🧭 Time is Money

Cut down your time-to-hire by more than half. Automate the initial screening and assessment, freeing up your recruiters to do what they do best - engaging and nurturing potential candidates.

💰 Cost-Effective, Value-Driven

Reduce recruiting expenses and amplify revenue growth. Our refined process allows stronger candidates to fill crucial roles faster than ever, driving your company's growth trajectory.

Why RecruitCopilot?

We're not just another hiring tool. Drawing from groundbreaking experiments at Fortune 250 companies, we've cultivated a unique methodology that puts the right candidate in the right role, every time.

Data Availability

We identify internal and external sources to solve your biggest talent strategy problems.

Business Goals

Tie your talent strategy goals back to your vision and objectives to maximize hiring and retention.

Modeling and Analysis

Our proprietary algorithms and analytics tools are based on leading recruiting analytics techniques.

Testing and Launching

We constantly update our data sources and algorithms to maximize your results.

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